.Design Service

FastMech engineered solutions has a strong engineering base & high end CAD Package. We can work out product design & development problems for most kinds of products with the help of concept engineering solutions within our mechanical design program. We can also help you, utilizing our concept engineering solutions, to design tools, jigs, fixtures, templates, molds, and patterns, to support your complex manufacturing jobs. Our experienced engineers, tool, and die makers, will always optimize the design and development of your project to offer you the most economical and efficient service.

We promote strategic alliances with private sector and academia partners to create designs which have customer appeal and commercial value. We have several programs for supporting joint design between industry and academia, and its through this pooling of knowledge that we achieve valuable design results. One such example is the Integrated Collaboration Design Program with Industry, which provides funding for top-quality joint research in response to the needs of industry.

For more information for our joint design partners and membership,please visit

American Socity of Mechanical Engineers
The North American Die Casting Association
National Cheng Kung University department of industrial design
National Yu-lin University department and graduate school of industrial design


Logistic Service

Supply chain management has become an integral management tool over the last decade. As more companies increasingly concentrate on their core businesses, the concept of outsourcing supply chain and logistics activities is now entrenched as best practice in most sectors.

Through our 3PL's expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure, FastMech is able to offer customized supply chain programs that solve many of the age-old supply chain issues. The many benefits of an efficient supply chain will help contribute to your most important goal - improvement of bottom-line profits.

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